Blitz-Ravenous Desires by James Grey

A beautiful young Polish

girl is the catalyst for comedy that is dark yet sensual in The Raven. Her role in headline story,

which is set in the historic English university town of Oxford, has the power to bring tears, laughter

and arousal in equal measure. Men will nod knowingly at this tale; women may find it an eye-


“The Raven

was definitely a 5 star. In typical Grey fashion, you are sucked into the emotional mindset of a man

falling hard for a young lady. The prose is masterful.” ~ Amazon Customer

“The Raven is such an emotive and

poignant story. I adore the male character and love seeing his sensitive side. A great deal of people

would know exactly what he felt.” ~ Jessie D

The colourful, lust-laced journey around the world continues in the rest

of the collection. You’ll travel to the nude saunas of Germany, where Claudia and Jake are once

again brought together by fate in Hot Wet Touches II. In Playdate, you’ll visit Western Australia

and take a journey with the author to meet a pair of liberated ladies he found a popular Aussie

hookup site. Then it’s back to England, where the short story April tells the tale of a haircut with a

happy ending…

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Emma Carling is just an ordinary

girl. She works a stressful office job in London, her commute is hell and she hates her boss.

Romance? The slender brunette may be stunning, but for the last couple of years she’s just been

trying to survive. And she doesn’t do one-nighters. She’s English, she’s straight, and she’s

good girl.


Then comes a life-changing moment. She tells her manager exactly what she thinks, and

storms out of her job. Is it a huge mistake? As the dust settles and the reality of a month without

salary dawns, she’s full of doubt. Then a seriously wealthy friend of a friend hints that she’d make

huge cash as a premium escort. Emma laughs it off at first. She’s so not that kind of



But then she

starts to wonder what it’s like to be so wanted, so wealthy, so powerful. And the rich Charles offers

to pay for her to attend a secret, exclusive escort school in the English countryside…


Can Emma shake off the shackles of her conservative

upbringing? What will she be asked to do at this unusual school? Will she get on with the select

group of fellow trainees? Will she fall for the staff? The other girls? Can she live with her feisty

peers…and can she live with herself?

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About the Author:

I am male. I am red-blooded and I write

honest erotica. I am the real deal. I lay my innermost lusts, hottest experiences and darkest

disappointments on the line for all to see: passion, ecstasy, angst and failure. If you want to know

what a man thinks, feels and desires, I am an open book.


I also write female point of view stories, and would love you to tell me how I’m doing.

Read my work, connect with me, talk to me. James Grey Erotic Author on Facebook. Twitter



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