Review-Shiv Crew by Laken Cane

Shiv Crew new cover

Title:  Shiv Crew
Author Name: Laken Cane
Publication Date & Length:  August 27th 2013 & 281 pages


Rune Alexander wants to get through her days doing her job, which is protecting the humans against the myriad of supernatural creatures, known as Others, who exist uneasily in a human’s world.

But she is unstable and damaged. She realizes how broken she is even as she continues to submit to the unspeakable things her lover does to her, craving desperately the strange peace she finds in the aftermath.

When she discovers things are not as they seem and a faceless human is torturing the supernatural groups in her city, she and her crew must break the rules and begin to protect the Others from the humans.

But as the darkness inside her becomes stronger and she ends up on the wrong side of a battle she must not lose, who will save Rune from herself?



this book was great! the author knows how to grip you at page one and keep you wanting more! i loved her character descriptions. she make you fully visualize each and every one of them. this was the first time i have read a book by this author and i cannot wait to read

Crissy gave Shiv Crew

5 stars




Laken Cane is an urban fantasy writer living in Southern Ohio. She writes dark urban fantasy. Shiv Crew is her debut book, followed by Blood and Bite, Strange Trouble, Obsidian Wings, New Regime, and the Rune Alexander short, Shadows Past. She is currently working on book six in the Rune Alexander series.

Places you can find Laken: Facebook:
Twitter: @lakencane

She also has a very active fan club at

and an amazing street team at /


Author’s Website
Author’s GoodRead Page



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