Reviews-Literal Leigh Romance Diaries: The Complete Collection Boxed Set by Melanie James

melanie james leigh box set

Title: Literal Leigh Romance Diaries: The Complete Collection Boxed Set
Author Name:  Melanie James
Publication Date & Length:  January 15, 2015, 690 pages


See what all the laughs are about in this hilarious new series that has everyone talking. Leigh Epstein and friends are single, twenty-something-year-old school teachers, living relatively normal lives until Leigh stumbles upon a magic writing desk. What will happen with Leigh and her band of magical misfits as they bounce from disaster to catastrophe when she discovers the extent of her powers? Will anyone be safe from the calamity when Leigh is magically compelled to write hot, steamy romance titles like Four-bitten Fangtasy, Bangin’ the Billion-Were, Sleighing the Elfa, and Regurgitant…or anything else for that matter?
Chaos is sure to ensue when you add in three sexy hot roofers, magical brownies, a paranormal pet shop, a hot SEAL with amnesia, zompires, Fur-Con, and Leigh’s psychotic familiar, Luna. Follow along as Leigh takes on The Witches Union Local 1313, galloping golems, and pesky ghosts just to name a few.


I loves this series! Each book is full of adventure, romance and and will have you laughing out loud!
I love reading of Leigh and the trouble she got into trying to figure out her powers. I love the
characters in this book. They all have great personalities and you can’t wait to see what will happen
next. Melanie James has a way drawing you in and keeping you laughing until the very end.
In this series you can’t wait for the next book! All 5 of them are well written and very entertaining!
                                                         Carol gave

5 stars




Melanie James is a Western Pennsylvania native who spent several years in the Chicago area, before being dragged to the frozen land of Northeast Wisconsin that she has called home for the last nine years. Not that she minded! She prefers country living and small town life. Melanie is married to the most amazing husband that any woman could ask for. She has two fabulous kids that keep her on her toes and she wouldn’t trade them for the world or even consider selling them on e-bay. Most Days! When she’s not writing, she works part-time in the IT world (shhh don’t tell anyone, she really is a tech geek). She is also working on her graduate degree at the University of Wisconsin Stout.


Author’s GoodRead Page



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